Stefan Frei and Reds Burnt by Chicago Fire

StefanFreiStefan Frei’s gaffe in the 59th minute of the, would-have-been, battle between the Toronto Football Club and the Chicago Fire proved to be most costly for the Reds as they lose to the Fire 2-0 to fall to the 3rd spot in the MLS Eastern Conference standings.  Rushing out to cover a fantastic feed by Chicago’s Cuauhtemoc Blanco to Chris Rolfe, Frei opted to kick away the feed rather than cover up the pass with his body and in doing so he gave up an easy goal to Rolfe.  A major gaffe by a supposedly top-flight player for the Reds.  Instead of making what should have been a fairly regular save, Frei’s lackadaisical effort on that one play proved to be the difference maker in the clash for the Eastern Conference lead spot.  The Reds had opportunities to equalize the game shortly thereafter but Pablo Vitti (who is still seeking his 1st goal on the season) could not finish fantastic helpers with a goal.  For a guy who is supposed to be one of the up and coming soccer players on the Argentine national squad, both effort left a lot to be desired from the young man.  Overall, despite the late rallying effort from the Reds and strong performances by Barrett, Serioux, Guevara and Brennan, this was a very disappointing loss for the Reds as they relinquished an opportunity to lay claim to the top position in the Eastern Conference.  The Reds still have some ways to go before they can be considered a top flight team in MLS.


Toronto FC Defend Streak Tonight Against Montreal Impact

toronto_fc_logoI would have never figured the city of Toronto to be a hotbed for Soccer but that is exactly what it is becoming.  The sport is seriously flourishing here in Toronto and one organization that is really benefitting from this phenomenon are the Toronto FC.  Their games consistently hover about the 20,000 attendance mark and the merchandise sales are off the roof; you’ve heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, in Toronto you can probably do a six degrees of Toronto FC merchandise and you probably would not have to go past 2 or 3 people.  That is some serious business.  This year the team is off to a great start and is currently sitting in 2nd place within the Eastern Conference.  With a win tonight (8pm E.T.) versus the Montreal Impact TFC will go to 4wins-4ties-2losses on the season with about two-thirds of the season remaining.  A great start for this Ball club.  With the struggles of the Toronto Maple Leafs this past season and the disappointing season the Toronto Raptors had this year, TFC is representing the City of Toronto very well.  The addition of Dwayne De Rosario seems to have energized this ballclub and is proving to be a great decision from management.  This is shaping up to be the best TFC season yet.