Please Brett Favre, Stay Retired

Packers Favre FootballThe rumours of Brett Favre coming out of retirement once again to play in the NFL are starting to intensify.  The main theme around the Favre rumour mill is that he is trying to get work for the Minnesota Vikings.  It is very disturbing that Favre would risk life and limb again to play football once again; when will he learn?  I thought the New York Jets experience would have taught him that getting to the Super Bowl one more time might be nothing more than a pipe dream.  Please Brett Favre, as a fan and admirer of your work, stay retired this time.  You have nothing to prove to anybody and that includes yourself.  You are an idol in our eyes and a legend of the game.  Please leave it at that.   Unless….you decide to sign with my Pittsburgh Steelers; in that case, please unretire right away and back up Ben Roethlisberger.  Otherwise…stay retired.  Thank you.


Fred Jackson Gets His Deal

FredJacksonThe Buffalo Bills have finally come to their senses long enough to sign Fred Jackson to a 4 year contract.  Jackson has been seeking a long term deal that would keep him with the Bills ballclub for, probably, the remainder of his career – a no brainer issue if you ask me.  Jackson loves playing in Buffalo, he likes the team, he wants to stay with the team, he has a lot of talent and he has performed very well when his number has been called.  You would think the Bills would jump at the chance to get this guy under contract ASAP; but management kept being dodgy and dragging their feet on the matter.  About a month ago I shared my opinion on the Dominic Rhodes’ signing by the Buffalo Bills and how it could not be good news for Fred Jackson and his camp (Check it out Here).  Rhodes is a good RB but at 30 years old he is hardly a long-term solution for the Buffalo Bills.  Fred Jackson at 28 is a much better deal; but still, that did not stop the Bills from reaching out to sign Rhodes.  Very bad news. 

Fortunately for Jackson (and subsequently, for Buffalo) the Bills have been unable to find no better RB talent in the draft or through free agency so far this offseason – no big surprise, the RB position can be tricky.  By rewarding Jackson with this 4 year deal the Bills have now put themselves in a better position to compete this upcoming season.  With Marshawn Lynch facing a 3 week suspension, and the team facing 2 winnable games in those weeks (Buccaneers and Saints), the Bills cannot afford to have a slow start or a handicap at RB.  With Fred Jackson they get to keep their ground attack threat which very nicely complements their aerial attack (Terrell Owens, Lee Evans, Roscoe Parrish).  Plus, they can probably pick up a top of the line RB next offseason if Jackson does not pan out because Rhodes would be expendable at that point.  I think this is a great deal for the Bills.