Sending out a big CONGRATS to the Toronto Blue Jays for making it to the ALCS in style.  It’s been a long time coming for the city and I’m proud to be a Torontonian.  Thanks for everything and I hope you win it all.

– Hammer


Blue Jays Keep Pace In the American East Race

BASEBALL/Robert Ray and the Toronto Blue Jays win yet another series this season to continue their assault on the American League East.  In doing so the Jays have now setup a big showdown with the big bully on the block right now, the Boston Red Sox, in the next week. Unbelievable.  I was able to make it to last night’s drubbing of the White Sox at the Rogers Centre and the one thing that jumped out at me then was how composed and confident this Blue Jays team is on the pitch.  Aaron Hill alluded to it in his post game interview as well, that the team did not spend too much time lamenting the NYY series loss and that the team is coming together nicely and focused on going game-by-game. 

With such a great start to the season, keeping their composure will be an asset as they get into the thick of the regular season and the Jays showed off their metal today.  Down 1-0 to the White Sox early in the game, the Jays responded with 2 runs in the 8th inning sparked by a solid hit and steal from Vernon Wells.  Adam Lind drove in Wells with a double and Jose Bautista drove in Lind to win the series.  A strong performance by the Blue Jays team and great response to the 1st adversity this team has had to weather all season long.  In a long season that is bound to provide even more adverse situations, it is good to see that the Jays are willing to take a work man’s approach towards this season.  Next in line, the BoSox – soon as they close out the remaining 2 games with the White Sox this glorious long weekend.

Blue Jays Lose First Series This Season

alyssa_milano_blue_jays_1The Blue Jays certainly did not look this amazing tonight but they have been pretty stellar this season which should be a consolation for what happened tonight.  Tonight the Jays dropped a series for the first time this season by losing 3-2 to the New York Wankers.  Sitting pretty before the 7th inning, the Jays lost a 2-1 lead on a RBI by the womanizing Derek Jeter and never got over the hump – C.C. Sabathia saw to that.  Certainly a disappointing night for the Jays who needed to win to jump ahead of the Boston Red Sox in the American League East.  Instead, with the loss, the Jays remain a game ahead of the BoSox but lose a game to the Yankees who are only 4.5 games back.  Certainly if you are going to drop a series, it better be against a team that is way down below you in the standings.  With the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves coming up in the next 2 weeks, the Blue Jays seriously need to regroup and prove that their strong start to the season was not a fluke occurence.  They have a good chance to make up games in the American League by winning the next 2 series against the ChiSox and the BoSox.  If they don’t it might signal a tough road ahead for the Jays this season.  Stay tuned…

Red Sox Opportunity

With the Blue Jays losing 8-2 tonight to the New York Wankers (I mean Yankees) the Red Sox have a chance now to move a half game ahead of the Jays in the standings if they can win tonight.  It seems like the spotlight is getting dim on the Jays fast start to the season.  Hopefully this will begin a tightly fought battle for dominance in the American League.  For most of this decade the Jays have hovered around the 80-86 win mark but they will have to do a lot better than that to have a chance of getting into the Playoffs this year.  The Jays will have to win about 95 games this year to have a chance and that means winning about 57% of their games going forward – a daunting feat.  Without a doubt though they have some serious battle coming up in the next 2 months starting with making sure they close out the current Yankees series with a win.  Further analysis of the schedule will be made as the season progresses, for now the Red Sox Nation is in the driver seat in the American League.

Roy Halladay and the Toronto Blue Jays Roll On

p1_halladayWith the 5-1 victory today versus the hated (well, as far as I am concerned) New York yankees, Roy Halladay and the Toronto Blue Jays continue to roll in the wins.  Roy is now 7-1 on the season and the Jays are 23-12  35 games into the season.  Maybe it is the return of Manager Cito Gaston or the continued fanfare in Toronto but whatever it is this team is fired up!  About 20% of the way through the season and the Jays find themselves in first place in the American League (with my beloved Boston Red Sox a game and a half behind).  Unbelievable.  The fans are getting the best of this run too because most of the wins have been at home where the Jays are 12-4.  Hopefully they will keep this up!!