Feinting Hurt

Couldn’t help but post about this. ¬†It seems like Russell Westbook is getting as much press from this “Durant flight” as he can handle. ¬†Jalen & Jacoby dropped hints centuries ago that Westbrook might be considering leaving to the L.A. Lakers, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise when Durant left OKC. ¬†The surprise, if there is any, is that Westbrook signed again…but then for $85 Mil. ¬†What?! ¬†It’s hard to write this but, that’s a trade friendly contract considering the increased cap space in the NBA. ¬†This leads me to think that this “drama” is just that; drama. ¬†Durant was always going to leave, Westbrook most likely was too – and most likely won’t retire in OKC. ¬†These guys are all friends and this is all just entertainment. ¬† Well played. ¬†Even Harden got some burn. ¬†My only criticism is for Kanter…he could have made the Jordan crying face a bit smaller on that meme. ¬†Ha!



Sending out a big CONGRATS to the Toronto Blue Jays for making it to the ALCS in style. ¬†It’s been a long time coming for the city and I’m proud to be a Torontonian. ¬†Thanks for everything and I hope you win it all.

– Hammer