Couldn’t help but post about this.  It seems like Russell Westbook is getting as much press from this “Durant flight” as he can handle.  Jalen & Jacoby dropped hints centuries ago that Westbrook might be considering leaving to the L.A. Lakers, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise when Durant left OKC.  The surprise, if there is any, is that Westbrook signed again…but then for $85 Mil.  What?!  It’s hard to write this but, that’s a trade friendly contract considering the increased cap space in the NBA.  This leads me to think that this “drama” is just that; drama.  Durant was always going to leave, Westbrook most likely was too – and most likely won’t retire in OKC.  These guys are all friends and this is all just entertainment.   Well played.  Even Harden got some burn.  My only criticism is for Kanter…he could have made the Jordan crying face a bit smaller on that meme.  Ha!


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