The report is everywhere on the wire about Derrick Rose suffering a fracture of the orbital bone around his left eye during a practice session.  The word is that he received an elbow to the face inadvertently in the heat of battle (at least, that is how we are led to believe it went down).  As someone who has suffered an pretty devasting eye injury and is still able to participate in active sports, I can attest that this injury (as bad as it may seem, or as much as it might sting Rose and the rest of the Bulls family) is not a real threat to Rose’s career or performance.  I think he’ll be back soon, and he might even be better off not playing during the pre-season.

There are a lot of eyes of Rose lately and justifiably so, since he has been expected to play at an MVP level.  He his expected to lead the Bulls to the promised landscape of the NBA Finals.  Even now, at 27 years of age, so many years removed from his MVP season.  Personally, I think he’s been able to build a great reputation for himself, and he is well respected as an NBA player but I don’t think he’s earned the level of praise and accolades that have been gifted to him.  When I start to consider his place in the history of basket, his highest ceiling seems to be as a possible Grant Hill-type role player in the future – or if he’s lucky, as a big short maker in the same vain as Big Shot Rob (Horry) was.  I can’t imagine the Bulls winning a championship.  Their best chance was available last season and they blew it.  I’m also skeptical about their expectations that Hoiberg will be a good coach for the Bulls.  I don’t think he’s going to be as good, or as successful, as Thibodeau.

I think everybody missed the real story.  Why has Rose styled his hair in the same way as Jimmy Butler?  Is this a solidarity thing, competition, an identity crisis, just pure laziness, etc?  I find it to be a bad look for the former MVP.  That hair isn’t going to the Hall of Fame.  I think the reason Rose is still widely covered is the expectation that he will make us all believe again (in him).  This hairstyle says, we can forget about those expectations.  We need to set the standard much lower.  If Rose can score over 20 points a game, make the All-star team, have efficient shooting percentages, be a top 10 defender at his position, average over 5 assists a game, grab more rebounds than Damian Lillard or Tony Parker, and play over 70 games; then and only then should anyone even consider expecting Rose to become an MVP type player.  For now, he seems like perhaps the fourth best player on the Bulls’ roster.  Let’s all calm down.  His injury is not going to affect that team as much as anyone thinks.


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