New Meaning to a “Tiger in Bed”

Literally world, yours truly, Mr. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods:

The Gentleman Caller
Tiger on the Prowl

I have been gone for a long minute so first I would like to thank all the Smashmauf! fans for remaining loyal and keeping tabs on the site.  Smashmauf! is not going anywhere, I’m pleased to announce that.

While I was away, it seems Tiger got himself entangled in some juicy business – literally.  Alright.  Now I was not going to comment on his skewed publicity but for those who still do not know, Smashmauf is here to clarify one important thing.  Tiger is one Rich Mother-Shut-Your-Mouth.  The guy can probably make more money by burning money in public; he is that Rich.  Why the hell do you care who he is sleeping with??  No way you are going to be on that kind of game if your status is not on the level.  Just let the thing go.  We all know how it is.  The guy is an Athlete.  The guy is “Cau-Bla-N-Asian”; yeah, though we all just see that he’s part Asian and Black.  The guy is the BEST IN HIS PROFESSION.  The guy makes more money for others and yet he is still a Billionaire.  The guy is popular.  The guy is confident.  The guy has handlers to handle his handlers.  He married a SWEDISH BABYSITTER.  He guy is a marketing ICON.  Everyone on the planet with access to a Radio or Television knows or has heard of Tiger Woods.  And then, to top it off, his nickname is Tiger – as in, “He must be a TIGER in bed”.  Lots of women with any kind of access will throw themselves at him.  Even now.  That will not change.  Quite frankly, as long as he keeps Golfing, he will always be in the public limelight.  You can read between the lines on all of that but it will not change any of it.  All Smashmauf! wants to report is Tiger Woods, the Golfer.  I hope he comes back better than ever and breaks every damn Golfing record he can possibly break.  Leave the bed talk to the “Ladies” who kiss and tell.


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