Reflections: Game 2 of the NBA Finals

The Orlando Magic are in trouble!  Period.

Game 2 played out exactly the way Game 1 should have played out if the NBA Goons Referees had not completely skewed the series in favor of the Lakers.  The Orlando Magic battled valiantly, despite the Goons Referees showing up again in the 4th quarter, only to have their efforts and hopes dashed by a missed Layup by Courtney Lee.  I hate to put the loss squarely on his shoulders because basketball is a team sport BUT the truth is that the loss falls squarely on his shoulders; he missed a Layup at the end of regulation that would have won a game in which they had been completely discriminated against – in a series that they are being completely discriminated against.  I know there pundits and fans like myself who would argue against this fact but the truth is that it was a LAYUP!  No matter how hard the LAYUP was, it was nowhere as hard as taking a half-court, off-balance, defender-in-your-face, hailmary, buzzerbeating 3point shot.  All Lee had to do was hit a LAYUP from about 2-3feet away.  All I have to say is, “Courtney, where is your heart?”. 

Am I being hard on Lee?  YES!  Am I being malicious or unfair? NO!  It is no secret, the NBA is against the Orlando Magic.  They want the Lakers to win and they tolerate awful officiating much to the detriment of the Magic.  In this series, Orlando Magic are facing the most daunting task and the NBA hype machine so they have almost no chance.  They are the true underdogs in every way possible.  After going through a horrible shame of a game that was Game 1, you would think that Courtney Lee would want to stick it to the Lakers and the powers that be, David Stern & His Stoogies, but he was not in the moment.  Everything that makes a guy like Kenny Smith, Robert Horry or, Joe Dumars great was missing in that moment from Courtney Lee.  It is in the same category as the John Starks NBA Finals performance when the game mattered and is very demoralizing no matter how you look at it.  My prediction is that the Magic will not be able to overcome this game over the next 2 games, that is how big those moments were.

As for the Lakers, they played well but not enough to win.  They did not deserve to win either Game 1 or Game 2 (something that should be a rallying point for the Magic) but it does not matter now, a win is a win.  Lamar Odom is proving what we have all known all along, he is a truly remarkable and gifted basketball player.  If the hype-machine NBA would get off Kobe’s nether regions for a second the whole world might be able to appreciate all the great players, talent and, hardwork that actually goes into creating a Championship calibre team.  The Lakeshow are a really good team (not the best team this decade in the Finals – I doubt they could beat last year’s Celtics or this year’s version if KG had not gotten injured – still…); they deserve all the credit for playing to win and making the most of every chance or opportunity to win the Title.  They should be able to close out the Magic in 4 and finally lay claim to the 2009 Championship.  Kobe David Stern and the Lakers can finally bring another title to Tinsel Town.

**Gag**  I think I am going to be sick.  Prepare to be bombarded with Kobe merchandise and the NBA hype machine.


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