Smashing Hiatus…

There have not been a lot of postings recently and for that I apologize but trust there will be more articles coming (lots of topics and happenings in sports that I want to touch on or discuss).  Stay tuned and make sure to keep checking the blog for updates.  

Feel free to share your sports related opinions or discussions with me and I will get back to you in due time.  You can also keep up with me via Twitter or via email:

Ps: Magic vs. Lakers?!  Who-woulda-thunk-it?  Definitely have to give it up to the Magic for fighting and plugging away.  Like the man, Rudy T once said, “Never underestimate the heart of a ….”, y’all know the rest.  Much respect to Superman Dwight Howard for coming through on his promises and to Rashad Lewis for living up to his massive contract.  It must seriously hurt Seattle citizens to watch Ray Allen and Rashad Lewis make it to the promised land in back-to-back years (SNAP!).  Sometimes a little bit of faith, a little bit of cooperation and a little bit of heart is all that it takes to get over the hump.  I love the underdogs, I’m all for the Magic! 



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