Blue Jays Keep Pace In the American East Race

BASEBALL/Robert Ray and the Toronto Blue Jays win yet another series this season to continue their assault on the American League East.  In doing so the Jays have now setup a big showdown with the big bully on the block right now, the Boston Red Sox, in the next week. Unbelievable.  I was able to make it to last night’s drubbing of the White Sox at the Rogers Centre and the one thing that jumped out at me then was how composed and confident this Blue Jays team is on the pitch.  Aaron Hill alluded to it in his post game interview as well, that the team did not spend too much time lamenting the NYY series loss and that the team is coming together nicely and focused on going game-by-game. 

With such a great start to the season, keeping their composure will be an asset as they get into the thick of the regular season and the Jays showed off their metal today.  Down 1-0 to the White Sox early in the game, the Jays responded with 2 runs in the 8th inning sparked by a solid hit and steal from Vernon Wells.  Adam Lind drove in Wells with a double and Jose Bautista drove in Lind to win the series.  A strong performance by the Blue Jays team and great response to the 1st adversity this team has had to weather all season long.  In a long season that is bound to provide even more adverse situations, it is good to see that the Jays are willing to take a work man’s approach towards this season.  Next in line, the BoSox – soon as they close out the remaining 2 games with the White Sox this glorious long weekend.


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