With French Open Around The Corner ATP Tour Heats Up

Roger-Federer-Rafael-Nadal2The 2009 ATP Tour is heating up just in time for the French Open.  With a dream Quarter-Final matchup in the Madrid Open which will see the top 6 players (Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin Del Potro, Andy Roddick) competing for the title, there could not be a better tune-up for the French Open.  The edge for now has to go to Rafael Nadal who has continued his assault on the Tennis Nation.  His unadulterated dominance leaves little room to doubt his #1 ranking and he is without a doubt the man to beat.  Roger Federer who has suddenly become human again has an opportunity to create a challenge for Nadal if he can somehow find his form to close out these final games.  However, the real story has to be the guys behind these 2 power houses who suddenly have a chance to make a new for themselves in the Tennis world.  Between Nadal and Federer, there isn’t much respect paid to the remaining guys battling for the premier spot in Tennis.  Andy Roddick might be the most seasoned of the contenders from 3-6 but Djokovic and Murray are the rising stars of the ATP tour.  Murray especially is an enigma because he has the complete skill set to finish this year as the top player in tennis.  He is the fresh blood and the guy that has the most to gain if he can win the Madrid Open.  The French Open organizers must be salivating.


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