Superman Rescues The Orlando Magic

DwightHowardSupermanFacing elimination tonight the Orlando Magic turned to the only person they could, Dwight “Superman” Howard.  The Superman did not fail at all as he swooped to the rescue with a 23 points, 22 rebounds and 3 blocks performance (in the process keeping alive his prophecy of leading the Magic to the Eastern Conference Finals).  The task was as daunting as the classic Superman going up against Doomsday as the Boston Celtics keep recovering from every single blow throughout the playoffs, however this Superman was up to the task.  With the game tied at 75 with just over 4 minutes left in the 4th Quarter, the Orlando Magic, anchored by the strong performance by Howard up to that point, responded with their biggest defence yet in closing out the game with an 8-0 run; winning the game 83-75.  Now all that is left to fulfil the prophecy is to close out the Celts in Game 7 (Boston, Mass.) this coming Sunday.

As for the Boston Celtics, they squandered a ridiculously strong performance by the “Raging” Rondo who put in a solid 19 points, 16 REBOUNDS, 6 assists and 4 STEALS!  Absolutely ridiculous; it makes you wonder if Rondo is 6 foot 1 or 6 foot Great.  The guy is a straight baller no matter how you cut it and it is a shame to see the Celts waste a perfectly good game.  Ray Allen and Glen “Big Baby” Davis were nowhere to be found tonight.  Both guys struggled majorly tonight in chipping in a measly 11pts combined in the loss.  Davis especially as he was only able to muster 2 rebounds throughout the game – in 25 minutes.  He got outplayed by Brian Scalabrine, the designated celebatory cigar for the Celtics ballclub.  If the Celtics are going to have a chance this Sunday they will need Davis to step up with a solid performance reminiscent of his performances in Games 4 and 5.  Eddie House is another guy that seriously needs to step up as he has been non-existent since his breakout performance earlier in this series.  Without Garnett, this team seriously needs to regroup before Sunday.  Their advantage, and Superman (Howard)’s Kryptonite, is with the supporting cast; the Celtics supporting cast need to blank the Magic supporting cast to have a chance.

No matter what happens, both teams have some serious issues to address before they can challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference supremacy.  One thing is for sure, the best team will win on Sunday and we the viewing public could not have asked for anything better.  Better clear your schedule for the series finale this Sunday at 8pm E.T.


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