Blue Jays Lose First Series This Season

alyssa_milano_blue_jays_1The Blue Jays certainly did not look this amazing tonight but they have been pretty stellar this season which should be a consolation for what happened tonight.  Tonight the Jays dropped a series for the first time this season by losing 3-2 to the New York Wankers.  Sitting pretty before the 7th inning, the Jays lost a 2-1 lead on a RBI by the womanizing Derek Jeter and never got over the hump – C.C. Sabathia saw to that.  Certainly a disappointing night for the Jays who needed to win to jump ahead of the Boston Red Sox in the American League East.  Instead, with the loss, the Jays remain a game ahead of the BoSox but lose a game to the Yankees who are only 4.5 games back.  Certainly if you are going to drop a series, it better be against a team that is way down below you in the standings.  With the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves coming up in the next 2 weeks, the Blue Jays seriously need to regroup and prove that their strong start to the season was not a fluke occurence.  They have a good chance to make up games in the American League by winning the next 2 series against the ChiSox and the BoSox.  If they don’t it might signal a tough road ahead for the Jays this season.  Stay tuned…


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