Red Sox Opportunity

With the Blue Jays losing 8-2 tonight to the New York Wankers (I mean Yankees) the Red Sox have a chance now to move a half game ahead of the Jays in the standings if they can win tonight.  It seems like the spotlight is getting dim on the Jays fast start to the season.  Hopefully this will begin a tightly fought battle for dominance in the American League.  For most of this decade the Jays have hovered around the 80-86 win mark but they will have to do a lot better than that to have a chance of getting into the Playoffs this year.  The Jays will have to win about 95 games this year to have a chance and that means winning about 57% of their games going forward – a daunting feat.  Without a doubt though they have some serious battle coming up in the next 2 months starting with making sure they close out the current Yankees series with a win.  Further analysis of the schedule will be made as the season progresses, for now the Red Sox Nation is in the driver seat in the American League.


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