Celtics 1 Game Away from Conference Finals

boston-celtics-logoThe Boston Celtics continue to roll through the Playoffs and with last night’s win are just one game away from returning to the Eastern Conference Finals for what would be an EPIC showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Throughly an unbelievable feat for this team.  Their trek through these Playoffs has been nothing short of spectacular considering that they are doing it without The Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, and their fierce battle with the Chicago Bulls (just to get past the 1st round!).  The first round was all about Shuttlesworth, The Truth, and Raging Rondo but now other guys are starting to step up.  This series with the Magic has seen the emergency of Glen “Big Baby” Davis and the re-emergence of the bench, Eddie House, Stephon Marbury and Brian Scalabrine, so now this team is 8 guys deep – and we are not even counting Garnett.  The Big Ticket has been out of competition for almost 2 months (longer if you take out the 4 games in March; he hasn’t been in competition for 3 months).  If the Celts are able to make it to the next round they suddenly become a legitimate contender once again because you would have to factor in both Garnett and Mikki Moore; that would make this team 10 man deep!  Unbelievable.  A 10 man team certainly has a chance to contest the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference title.

What about the Orlando Magic?  Certainly not having Jameer Nelson hurts this team right now and even if they are able to find a way to defeat the Celtics, they would hardly pose a challenge for a confident and experienced Cavaliers team.  Certainly it is safe to say that, as long as they can keep the nucleus together, the Magic are 1 season away from being a serious contender – although, I would prefer to see Hedo come off the bench even though he is the “Turkish Michael Jordan” per Chris Webber.  With respect to the Celtics though, they only need to win 1 more game out of 2 to advance and I do not see them losing 2 games straight to the Orlando Magic.  The kryptonitic-green of the Boston Celtics might just be too much for the Superman crew to overcome.  We will find out soon enough, Game 6 is this Thursday night at 7:30pm E.T. – Do not miss it.


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