Bitter End For The Dallas Mavericks

In the end the Denver Nuggets are just the better team and probably did not need to be as physical as they were at the start of this series but they definitely were better prepared than the Dallas Mavericks.

 It is a bitter end for the Mavericks who were bidding for a return to the Promised Land this year after breaking their 1st round jinx by disposing of the punchless San Antonio Spurs; the Nuggets it appears are packing a seriously heavy punch.  Probably a lot will be said after tonight’s loss about all the craziness that has surrounded this series, from Dirk’s private troubles to the physical play of the Nuggets and to the terrible officiating gaffe in Game 3, but the truth is that the Nuggets are just way too much for the Mavs right now. 

 The Mavericks got blindsided in every sense of the word and in every possible way this series.  They were outmanned, out-hustled, out-classed, and outplayed by a group of rugged and battle tested youngsters who are ready to stake claim to supremacy in the Western Conference. 

As far as it goes, the Mavs did not just lose their edge, their edge got snatched away from them by the Nuggets with no regard or remorse.  Only the long offseason might help this team heal but I doubt that will really happen at this point.  The Nuggets are the new kids on the block and the Mavs are old news – no longer bulletproof.  A 124-110 drubbing tonight in an elimination game signals the closing of the casket on the dreams of many a Mavericks fan to see a title in Dallas this season; and the worst part is that they had no chance.

The new team to beat in the Western Conference are the Denver Nuggets.


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