Real Test Tonight for the Houston Rockets

houstonrocketsThe real test for the Houston Rockets is going to occur tonight at 10:30pm E.T.  The elation and excitement from Game 4 has (or should have) dissipated by now and all that is left should be anticipation and anxiety.  No matter how the Rockets portray their emotions or stance, there is no doubt they have a big problem on their hands tonight.  The Lakers have this insane and venomous athlete called, Kobe Bryant.   Without the services of Tracy McGrady, Dikembe Mutombo and, Yao Ming, the Rockets would be hard-pressed to repeat the phenomenal performance of Game 4.  On the other hand, the same thing goes for Kobe Bryant; he most certainly will unlikely have the same performance again tonight.  KB will be out in full force tonight and there is no doubt that he will be starting fast.  The last game saw the Rockets push the tempo right off the bat and the Lakers never really got going; at least not enough to overcome that initial push.  Tonight, expect Kobe to put his team on his back early on and we might be looking at a record performance – of epic proportions.  It will be darn near impossible for the Rockets to withstand the veracity that will be the Lakers attack.  The only hope will be for them to stay close and try to win this game in the 4th quarter.  It has to be a Rope-a-Dope kind of game for the Rockets to have a chance tonight.


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