Mavericks-Nuggets Fiasco

The series is currently at 3-1 in favor of the Denver Nuggets and the animosity between the 2 competing powerhouses is at volcanic proportions.  It is a damn shame and I blame it all on the NBA.

It is weird, as a fan of Basketball I really enjoy the Nuggets’ uptempo style of basketball and their addition of Chauncey Billups immediately makes them a likeable team.  As a fan of the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs, there is not a lot of space for me to like or follow another Texas team – sorry Mavericks.  Still, the weird part is that I find myself increasingly siding with the Mavericks in this series versus the Nuggets.  Mainly for one reason:

The NBA is full of sh*t! 

How can the league justify the physical play of the Nuggets when they are doling out suspensions and ejections in other series for lesser infractions?  Did anyone see the ZaZa Pachulia ejection in Game 3 of the Cavaliers-Hawks series? (How BS was that?) Anyways, back to the Mavs-Nuggets – it is true the Mavs had chances to win both Games 1 and Games 2 but fumbled it away in the 4th Quarter.  No one is denying that happened.  The point of contention is that the referees have increasingly been a liability in this series and their incompetency has cost the Mavericks Game 3 and very likely the entire series (since no team has ever overcome a 3-0 deficit).  To make matters worse, the NBA admits that the referees made errors in the closing seconds of that game.  What a ridiculous organization?  What a ridiculous League?  What a sham!  How can they possibly justify this series?  And, if the Nuggets make it past this round and into the Finals, how can they possibly justify their legitimacy as a contender?  The whole thing stinks to the high heavens.  I like the work David Stern has done for the league but I think it is time to get a new commissioner that will take a hardline on competition – and not just focus solely on the dollars and cents.

The biggest shame now is this supposed rift between Mark Cuban and his Mavericks against families of the Nuggets.  What BS!!  This would have never happened if the NBA would improve its idea of competition and create a fair environment for all parties involved.  The fans know it!  They are the ones who are getting robbed.  Instead of a 2-2 series at this point, this series is essentially over because no team has ever overcome such a hole.  The fact that the NBA and its goons (I mean referees) played a major part in the current state of affairs makes this a travesty and an overkill.  This seriously needs to be addressed Mr. David Stern.

My only plea to the fans is that they should not direct their animosity towards the Nuggets or their families (anyone with a right mind knows that this is wrong) but it is fair to direct all their animosity towards the real culprit, The NBA and its team of Cronies aka officials.


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