Smashmauf! Now on WordPress


1st post on the Smashmauf! forum on WordPress.  It feels so much like providence.

There are currently tons of posts on Blogger: so make sure to follow that as well.  3 big things going on in Toronto right now:

1. The Toronto FC are just putting a quality show out there these days.  If you are planning to visit Toronto, definitely make sure to book a ticket to watch one of their games at BMO Field.

2. The Blue Jays are currently in 1st place in the American League for Major League Baseball.  It is still pretty early in the season to make a big deal of this happenstance but, there is a good buzz in the city right now.  The Jays are a hot ticket right now too.

3. Finally, there’s talk that a Hockey team (Coyotes) might be moving to either Hamilton or Toronto.  This has the potential to be a polarizing event for the NHL & the Maple Leafs.  If it was not for the (always) exciting NHL Playoffs going on right now, this would be a big story in Toronto.  For now, all eyes on the Penguins vs. Capitals series. 🙂

This being the 1st post on WordPress, I figure to keep light.  Thanks for the read.  Make sure to keep track of the progress of Smashmauf! and feel free to share your own opinion.  The only rule is: Show some respect.



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